Idol to Monster: Why do we treat them like ‘gods’?

It’s taken me some time to even get the realisation together to even attempt to write a post about this, however I think it’s about time I get the ‘cat out of the bag’ and pretty much express my sincere and upmost upset towards someone that I could only describe as one of my saviours growing up.

I’m guessing you guys have already merely sussed out the culprit at hand, his harrowing and just un-humane actions have lead me to lose pretty much all faith I have in humanity. Just like a vast amount of other Lostprophets lovers, band members and welsh people, I cannot help but feel betrayed and sickened by someone that not only once stood highly on my list of idols but someone that provided an escapism, along with the other members, at a time that seemed never-ending with upset and hurt for me. There’s a large population of music lovers that will forever be haunted by the actions of Ian Watkins.

It’s hard to think that someone that was once smothered on my bedroom walls, someone that I paid pretty much anything to go and see but most of all someone that sang such inspiring words has done such a sick and twisted act against young and innocent children.

I will forever be haunted by his words and although the other members of Lostprophets are not to blame, their legacy has been torn apart and thrown away, it’s been tainted with his lies, actions but if anything his manipulation of ‘connecting with people’ to the point where he abused his status of authority, abusing people through his legacy that we once all looked up to and loved about him.

My upmost respect and thought goes to the other members of the band, their lifetime achievements have been demolished, abandoned and pretty much been given the worst reputation of its time. It’s horrible to think that someone they cared and trusted could do such an unthinkable and unforgivable act of both disgust and betrayal. Their names unfortunately will be tainted with the actions of this man, actions that I cannot even bring myself to write here.

I remember the day my mum bought ‘Start Something’ for me. I’d begged and begged and begged her for it and she finally gave in and treated me to it. That day, will forever be tainted by the fact that someone I idolised and connected to on a musical base, happened to be one of the worst people of my time.

Reading 2009, my first ever Reading Festival, I remember the front row watching ‘Last Summer’, laughing at the guy crying next door to me that he lost his welsh flag, one that apparently he’d taken to all 8 Lostprophets gigs he’d been to. I remember reaching my arm out just so he could shake my hand and coming home to my face on the Reading Lostprophets highlights. I felt proud that day, proud that such an inspiring band had not only conquered the hearts of many worldwide but they, he, shared the same heritage as me. My first ever Reading will be tainted by him.


Reading 2010 and the other countless experiences I’ve had seeing this man, will forever be tainted with what sick and twisted things were running around his mind. Things that I could never ever imagine.

However although there’s a vast amount of people mourning their childhoods and idolisation of this man, my heart goes out to the children at the other end of their abuse. Known, 2 innocent children whose mothers near enough put them up for slaughter and fed them on sticks to what used to be portrayed as a godly human-being.

However his ungodly actions have actually betrayed millions worldwide, tainted achievements, memories and if anything, my own escapism when dealing with hardships as an adolescent.

The two mothers at hand, well I hope they get everything thrown at them. I cannot take it in how mothers could easily put their own children on the market for abuse. I sincerely hope the children at hand have a chance of a normal life away from the one their mothers were happily bringing them up in.

It’s safe to say I hope justice is served and that all victims come forward because this man that once ruled the playlists on my iPod, deserves pretty much anything horrible that get’s handed to him.


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