A Day To Remember were amazing… yeah right.

SO after months of planning for my best friend, the night finally came. We had actually been allowed a Saturday night off from work (which is rare when you’re a part time member of staff in one of the busiest and biggest pubs in Cardiff!) and I’d managed to buy her tickets for her birthday.

lovely right?


A day to Remember were all set to kick off their series of UK  dates last night in the Welsh Capital with support from The Story So Far, Mallory Knox and Every Time I Die but due to frontman Jeremy McKinnon falling ill with a ‘sore throat’, they decided to postpone it a mere an hour and a half after doors were meant to open. So there I was stood out in the freezing February cold for over an hour, only to be told that my once in a lifetime Saturday night off had been overshadowed with the unlikelihood of sore throats.

It would have been easier to process if I hadn’t only bought tickets to see The Story so Far.

By the end of the night I was merely bewildered that Derek Archumbault did back to back UK tours with hip necrosis and well A Day to Remember cancel for a reason that could be fixed with a mere cup of Lemsip and some Strepsils.


“We apologise for the untimely announcement but due to Jeremy falling ill, we unfortunately have to postpone tonight’s show in Cardiff. After seeing a doctor this afternoon we knew there would be no way he could perform tonight. Please stay tuned for further updates as we work to reschedule this show.”


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