5 Songs for Valentines Day (the loneliest day of the year!)

Valentines day is either that holiday where you bask in love and the fact you’re not alone or you crumble with a glass of wine (or bottle!) and try forget its existence whilst not being able to forget it due to the PDA’s that are going on pretty much everywhere you go. Here’s my top 10 songs for this time of year (whether you’re alone or otherwise!)



#1 Blink-182 – First Date

Released in 2001 from the album ‘Take Off Your Pants and Jacket’, it’s catchy and full of angst. It’s pretty self explanatory. The video is also pretty hilarious too.

#2 Paramore – The Only Exception

I love this song so much. Taken from Paramore’s 2009 album ‘Brand New Eyes’, its no wonder why it topped the UK’s Rock chart. This song speaks of a protagonist lacking in belief of love and trying to come to terms with that judgement and learning to live without it, however they realise love and ‘the one’ does exist, thus you have ‘the only exception’. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

#3 Hellogoodbye – Baby it’s fact

‘Baby it’s fact, that our love is true’ Enough said.

#4 The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel

This song literally picks me up and time travels me back to my teenage angst. The song is about a guy that is in love with a girl (spew) that he would do anything for, even die for her. The usual lovey dovey stuff.

#5 Steel Panther – Community Property

Known for their hilarious stage presence, their sexually focused lyrics, I had to input them into my playlist. Blush worthy, I first came across them at Download Festival and well it’s safe to say that this song is full of love, sex and pretty much anything you wouldn’t tell your mother.





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