Adrian Masters – “Journalism is about curiosity”

I’d be lying if I said I enjoy political chitchat with my cup of tea and bagel in the morning. Although relatively up to date with our current political standing (I am a Journalism student, my main job role is keeping up to date with the world around me.) So when Adrian Masters, Political Editor for ITV Wales came to join us for a lecture, I can’t say I was bursting with excitement. (If anything I was mainly bursting with the Panini I had inhaled 5 minutes before!)

Adrian, being in the profession for 20 years, started off his career in commercial radio. Starting off at ‘Red Dragon’, his interest in radio instantly reeled me in. Being a MASSIVE music fan, the idea of radio has always interested me. I’ve always pictured myself as the next Fearne Cotton or Elin Rees, however whenever a professional starts chatting away about it, I get interested. I began to think, politics can’t be as bad as everyone makes out it to be. (or as bad as my sociology A level module portrayed it to be!) I was interested to hear the diverse change from commercial radio to the BBC. (Adrian went on to work at the BBC) In a commercial radio environment you are the main man, you are the one that does EVERYTHING, however at the BBC he was completely thrown when there was a person for every job imaginable. I’m guessing his transition was like hiring a butler. You do the little bit; someone else will do the rest. Working for the BBC on their news desk, Adrian then broadened his horizons to reporter, to presenter to then finally TV.


From our news days at university, I’ve come to realise that working in TV is much more difficult that working in radio.

1) you don’t have to put a whole load of make up to make yourself look presentable (in my case anyway!) and

2) working a camera or working with the camera (if you’re presenting) is far more complex than working with a Tascam.

Therefore when Adrian said working in TV is far harder than radio, I knew I’d made the right decision with sticking to it.


“You learn as you go along, the more you practice, the better you will get.”

I was thrown to hear that although Adrian has been a political editor for around 7 years now, he does not do much editing. Apparently he’s more of a Senior Correspondent. My favourite part of the guest lecture was his tips on working with a camera.

‘Look straight at the camera, don’t be afraid to look away from time to time and imagine your only speaking to one person.’

I am the worst when it comes to working with cameras. I get camera shy and end up blowing up like a gooseberry. (Imagine Violet in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that’s me),however his useful tips will hopefully cure my redness and hopefully make me love TV reporting like I love radio.

Being a massive cat lady, I definitely got jealous when Adrian told us he got to stroke Larry the cat at Downing Street. That made me green with envy.

Although I did not enter the guest lecture bursting with excitement of politics (Sociology A level basically killed any desire of enthusiasm I had for politics a long time ago.) I left the cinema compelled to learn more about politics. I was completely turned over with the exciting and wonderful things I’d heard from Adrian. To which I can honestly say, I am currently reading a political fact a day.

You’ve changed me!



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