Does the loyalty and love for our heritage and morals have a price or is it simply priceless?

Recently I found myself bewildered but inevitably insulted that a retail assistant in a Cardiff (THE WELSH CAPITAL!) store negatively commented on customers speaking Welsh on their premises. I’m not one to play the race card and in fact, I am open to the world and constant bursts of cultures and surroundings that are unfamiliar to myself, however I cannot help but think it’s absolutely disgusting.

Is it fair that a minority feel they have been stripped and been humiliated via social networking for speaking a language in which they have a right to speak? No it really isn’t. Especially in a place that should not only cherish but publicise its existence.

Growing up in rural South West Wales and being brought up in a first-language Welsh environment is such a huge part of me and others alike. I was educated entirely in Welsh until I reached Year 3 and I can’t honestly thank my family enough for using Welsh as their spoken word. I remember Sunday afternoons sat in front of the television with my Dadcu watching Pobl Y Cwm quite clearly, memories that will indefinitely be cherished until my body decides to give up on some bigoted folk that roam this earth.

I find it bewildering that someone can ask someone or insult a language in which people speak. Would it be right for you to jump into the French Capital and ask them to stop speaking French?

NO. It really would not.

Language is such a massive part of someone’s identity whether it’s French, Japanese, Dutch OR Welsh and we all have a right to speak whichever we choose.

YET there’s the whole cost argument.


No I do not know the facts. I mean I’m just a ‘student that lives off the tax payer, I don’t know anything because I don’t have the money going out of my bank every pay packet. I haven’t entered the real world yet. BLA BLA BLA’ {even though I hold down a full-time job alongside my full-time degree)

However, what I do know is that if you choose to live in a country (Wales or otherwise!) you should respect their heritage and ways of living. If you live in Wales, you should most definitely expect to pay towards bilingualism. Welsh is the language of Wales right? and its existence in this country has been here far longer than the likes of any other language spoken. I find it bewildering that people think that way. I also know that when it comes to me ‘entering the real world’ I will happily pay for bilingualism in this country because the way I see it you cannot put a price on the love of a language and the teachings of your elders. Is it right to remove the opportunity for people like myself, people like my 5 year old niece to grow up in a bilingual Wales? To even have the decision to learn or experience welsh in its entirety? No it is not. Price does not determine the human right. It would be unfair to remove history and a heritage just because it comes with a hefty lump sum.

And who pays for it? Everyone of course. The People of Wales and so you should.


Well yes you should. You would not go to any other foreign country and REFUSE to pay for their television licensing because you don’t speak the language. Like it or lump it.

But then I guess I’m just stupid because I want to practice Journalism in the medium of Welsh right? Because it has a ‘small audience’ and ‘history doesn’t pay the bills or my future salary’.

Small audience or not, I would rather practice my profession in a language that I love, doing something I love. I’m also not that naive to think that history is going to pay the bills and my future salary, of course numbers make money, however there are a large population in Wales that think the same way I do. People are willing to pay towards Welsh television and radio stations. My love for the language will not save me, neither will its history however it’s standing in typical Welsh culture will. It is our language and well we ALL have a right to speak it wherever, whenever and whoever we wish.

Like it or Lump it.


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