Huw Edwards -“If you don’t enjoy it, move on.”

Being a self proclaimed ‘Welshie’ as people would call me, you could imagine my excitement when Huw Edwards of BBC Wales came to guest lecture at my University.

Covering everything from the London Olympics in 2012, the Royal wedding (which had 10 hours of broadcast!) to the United States elections in 2008, whatever big incident that has happened in the news, Huw Edwards has covered it in his 30-year career (well 30 years this October, you know what I mean, same thing). Best known for his daily performance presenting the news at 10 for the last 11 years, Huw Edwards is another candidate that loves his job and so he should! (Well he must do to stay in the field for so long!)

“If you don’t enjoy it, move on.”

My dream job would be working within the BBC, like many other aspiring journalists alike. With a hefty audience, the chance of practicing journalism in the medium of Welsh, it’s such a huge organisation, making his appearance not only humbling but also making me feel slightly star struck! (I remember ringing my Mam straight after. She asked me to go and get a photo. I didn’t. MUST REMAIN PROFESSIONAL.)

Speaking from his lengthy experience as a journalist, he explained that being able to write well and find stories is just the beginning. Journalism is an ever-changing and ever-growing field nowadays, with the Internet changing our readership patterns and audiences being so available to different media platforms, he explained that you not only need to but you have to prepare to be flexible in the industry. Flexibility is almost crucial for success. Not only turning your hand to a lot of things but being good at them. Specific skills may come in handy, whether it being your role as the newsrooms tea lady or being the permanent anchor for the news. There are never too many skills to have or opportunities to take!

However life as a permanent fixture to our daily news does not come easy. The media industry is most definitely a competitive industry. (It’s a dog eat dog world they say!) He believes that in order to gain success in the industry, you must learn to keep calm no matter what. Preparing yourself mentally is also very important, filtering out any unnecessary information that may distract you from being focused.

Deadlines, (to my dismay. I kid) are extremely important. Working quickly under pressure is one of the main job roles.

Yet not every job can be all ‘happy happy happy’. Huw explained that every job comes with it’s flaws. Presenting can be challenging and being a recognisable face means that you’re never ever alone. The job can be extremely intrusive.

However the ultimate job for us students?

Is “enjoyable, satisfying” and extremely “scary”


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