April 12th 2014 – Brand New @ London, Troxy


When my best friend hurled Brand New tickets at me for my Christmas present last year, well let’s say that I cried endlessly with happiness at the thought of being able to see my favourite band again. Especially when tickets had sold out in mere hours and initial search for tickets had started with my alarm deciding it hated me and refused to go off. I was absolutely devastated.

After a hard working day serving the stag and hen do’s of Cardiff city, we descended on our journey to London on our cheeky £8 return Megabus, arriving at the Troxy to a sea of plaid shirts, piercings and ‘crim’ hats.

As I’d never ever been to the Troxy before, It’s safe to say I was absolutely mesmerised by the interior of plush carpeted floors and upper circle seating. Although unfamiliar for an alternative rock show, the venue set the potential for modesty and some form of maturity.

The night kicked off with The Front Bottoms taking to the stage. Not listened to them properly, I was taken in almost instantly. With their hilarious stage presence, cute little melodies and their punctilious detailed lyrics, I’ve found myself hooked to them. 

Saves the Day however, pitch perfect and undeniably talented failed at connecting to the over excited crowd. I’d not listened to them properly before hand, however their lack of stage presence after a while made me want to crawl into a ball and have a nap. I found myself sighing every time they started a new song. They didn’t really do it for me.

By the time Brand New took to the stage, the anticipation of the compact crowd was noticeable. Patience rewarded, Brand New have built up true cult-following since their formation in 2000 and personally its due to their journey of beautiful maturity throughout every release. From the moment the first chords of The Shower Scene hit out, the crowd (including myself) were singing along to every line. The crowd went crazy for the likes of ‘Gasoline’, ‘Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades’ and ‘The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot’ along with their own cover of Coldplay’s ‘Yellow’. ‘Mixtape’ did it for me however. The band were thorough and note perfect throughout, polished and playing with a verve, something that’s been developed through years of touring and dedication. At no point was there a dip or a dull moment. Playing it straight, Brand New proved that they are a band that doesn’t need the gimmicks. They don’t need the hefty back drop or the ‘bigged up’ encore. Simplicity and modesty is what make them, along with their talent of relatable, emotionally driven vulnerability and their capability of creating meticulously descriptive lyrics. Brand New are simply all about the music and that’s enough for raised hands and critical acclaim.

You know something’s special when instead of jumping up and down and throwing each other across rooms, people start hugging and like me, reducing themselves to tears.

Brand New somehow possible, keep on getting better and better.


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