Influence and Justification? Is it really fair?

SO tonight I read a story posted by the Mail Online regarding the shocking and horrific death of  teacher Anne Maguire in Leeds yesterday.

Inevitably stricken with feelings of sorrow and disbelief that an individual could do something so vulgar, especially in a establishment that’s supposedly ruled as safe etc, I found myself angry. Inevitably towards the actions of the low life that had done such a deed but also for their stereotypical and unrealistic portrayal of a music genre/scene that has provided me with endless amounts of joy and I dare to say it, as cliche as this sounds, a genre of music that provided an escapism for me during the hardest times of my life. Cliche I absolutely know but it’s true. Music has probably been my biggest healer in life.

‘Classmates told yesterday how the middle-class teenager, who loved heavy metal music, felt he was an ‘outcast’.’


I don’t understand how a music genre can be deemed as appropriate or even relevant to the story at hand. If the guy listened to the likes of Rihanna or One Direction, I highly doubt that would be mentioned. Say Jack the Ripper listened to the likes of Johnny Cash (he may have) I don’t see how that would be relevant to the disastrous and inhumane things he did. It’s not relevant.

I’m fed up of constantly seeing a genre of music being slammed for influencing the worst of cases. It’s like that time where My Chemical Romance were quoted by the Daily Mail regarding a fan committing suicide. There was the whole idea that she’d done it because the music she listened to told her to do it. Even though, My Chemical Romance actually promote the complete opposite.

I am not afraid to keep on living
I am not afraid to walk this world alone 
Honey if you stay, I’ll be forgiven

No it bloody didn’t. You’re not going to wake up one day, shove some Brand New on (in my case!) and decide to feed someone or myself cocktails of drugs just because “At the bottom” quotes


Well I’d serve you drugs on a silver plate

It’s ridiculous. There is an underlying problem with that person in order for people to do such horrific things. Just because there are bands out there, or actual musicians that sing with emotive language instead of “GET IT UP RUDE BOY BOY CAN YOU GET IT UP”, well it does not mean they’re the bee and end of all things bad that go on in the world.

On his Facebook page, along with the Grim Reaper drawing and links to British heavy metal bands Enter Shakari and Bring Me The Horizon, he had posted a picture of himself dressed in black with long hair. 

If you were to mention a band in such a circumstance, you could at least spell their name correctly. If anything, give them that amount of respect. You’ve already pretty much insulted their work by mentioning their name in such a horrific circumstance.

I think the relevant and the most important thing people should remember when it comes to the story of Anne Maguire, is the fact that she got killed innocently in the worst of cases. A teacher, she provided the youth of today with an education to better themselves and well not one person deserves to be taken away in such circumstance or in any circumstance at all. People need to stop trying to find justification for what that person did or influence for that one decision that inevitably changed many lives yesterday. That one person did it and that was not the decision of a lyric written by some innocent guy or a chord played by some talented guitarist. That was the decision of that one human being, an inhumane one at that, however that decision and that action was made and that person will have to live with that decision for the rest of their young and deeply troubled life.


Is it really fair to blame or even find relevance in something someone has interest in? As I said, that’s their decision not a decision made by the melody or chords they tend to enjoy, a decision that has well and truly shocked the population of Britain today.

My heart goes out to the family, friends, colleagues, pupils of Anne Maguire and the suspects parents.


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