McBusted @ The Echo Arena, Liverpool 13th of May 2014

When it was announced that Busted and McFly were to join forces and create their own supergroup (minus Charlie Simpson), my heart melted both with excitement but with disappointment that Busted were going to reform without one of their former members.


Growing up I was a MASSIVE Busted fan. I used to spend my spare time cutting out newspaper cuttings of them and sticking them into an A4 folder, whilst I’d spend all my pocket money on SmashHits! Magazine just to get the poster specials. (My big sister was more of a Blazin Squad fan but my love lay with Busted). I was admittedly a fan girl and it’s safe to say, I still am. I met them once, I died.


Anyway, I managed to get tickets through a friend who had to sell them for horrible reasons. Anyway, I pretended to ‘help him out’ and ‘take them off his hands’ when really I was dying with excitement to see my boys again. If anything he was doing me the favour. (Cardiff tickets had sold out straight away and I had to work, boooo!)

SO I rung up my mother and told her we were to travel to Liverpool to see McBusted. She was probably more excited than me at one point. (She thought she was now one of those ‘hip’ mums)

After a 7 hour Megabus ride. We arrived. We turned up at a hotel that we were told we were booked at, to be handed two room keys to two double room suites. I basked in spa treatments, a double kingsize bed and a mini bar all to myself.

MY LIFE WAS MADE or so I thought.

SO we turned up at the Echo Arena at the Albert Dock. It was so beautiful.

We walked in (well my Mum hopped in) to some support act. When I go to other gigs I usually find myself looking forward to the support just to find some new music, however I did not care for the support at all. Not that they weren’t good but just because I was far too excited to see Matt Willis and James Bourne take to the stage. (I’ve always liked McFly however it was all about the reunion between the two. McFly are still very much a band. Busted have not been around for ‘donkeys years’.)

Seen as Busted have been broken up for some time, I was surprised to see the vast amount of 12 year olds in the audience. Nonetheless they looked just as young as I felt.

The show started to a date on the big screen. A date that any true Busted fan would recognise. The screen came up with the 13th of January 2005. I could hear the sheer cries from the crowd. (In fact I tried not to cry myself.) It followed with the press conference in which they announced they were to split indefinitely. I was rewinded back to a day where I thought nothing else could go wrong with my life. (I was wrong of course!) Followed by a ‘Back to the future’ themed video in which the Busted boys teamed up with the likes of Harry, Dougie, Danny and Tom.

There’s always a different feeling when you go and see a reunion band or someone you used to love when you were younger. The nostalgia brings a different sense of feeling. I mean when I saw My Chem back at Reading 2011, I found myself singing my heart out like I was that 13 year old scene kid again. It was the same in this case.

Air Hostess started to play and the place was moving. The party was definitely in full swing. There was no point where they or anyone else stopped moving.

For Mcfly it was a gig with two of their closest friends. For the Busted boys it was that but so much more at the same time. It felt like it was a portrayal of the talent they actually have and if anything, how Charlie Simpson was not needed. It was their comeback and what a comeback it was!

I always thought I’d be disappointed without him there. Just because it wouldn’t be the same as it was, however it was so much better. Mcfly made it but if anything both Willis and Bourne made it known that in fact Busted could easily go on without him.

Playing a mixed bag of both McFly and Busted tracks such as ‘Britney’, ‘All about you”, “Obviously” and “What I go to School for”, I was in my element.

To Matt Willis dressed in a wedding dress, Tom’s edited Wedding speech video, Tshirt cannons and Star Girl being played on a UFO above the crowd, I felt 9 again and I loved every minute of it.

The show ended to Year 3000 (with blow up triple breasts!) and a message saying “TO BE CONTINUED!”

If so? I’ll be the first to buy a ticket.





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