Hidden truth: Who’s really happy?

Last week we were sadly told that entertainment veteran Robin Williams had sadly taken his own life, news to which that proved to be both surprising and somewhat bewildering.

From growing up with the likes of ‘Jack’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Bicentennial Man’ dominating our family film nights, to seeing him as the likes of ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, Williams has not only provided laughs and entertainment for the remainder of the Jenkins clang, but he provided an escapism of laughter for the world to see and enjoy.

Yet this man that was killing us with his comedic approaches to not only his characters in films but his everyday persona, was slowly and so quietly crumbling under the pressure of his own demons. Demons that would soon make him take his own life.

It’s pretty unsettling to picture a man that once had me in stitches, dying in the lonely and tragic way in which he did.

I’ve not been shy with my opinions of suicide, ever. However in this situation, just like the sad passing of Peaches Geldof, it makes you think who’s hiding what.

I mean, Williams hid his battle with both addiction and depression far from his family orientated roles where as Geldof had portrayed a clean and now back on track figure, they both had so much, yet so little faith in living.

I can’t help but think people are never as they seem.


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