Caring is Neglect

Brett and Naghmeh King are currently sat in a spanish cell for actions that can only be described as a desperate bid to save their 5 year-old son.

Their son, Ashya King has a stage four aggressive brain tumour. The doctors in Southampton had said there was no more they could do to save him. Willing to sell their livelihood, they discharged their son, embarking on a Europeon quest, in hope to find another way of keeping him here on this earth.

Yet their caring and desperate approach to their sons health has been branded as neglect. They have been criminalised for trying to their all to keep their little boy.

They’re just not ready to let him go.

I find it bewildering that such actions could be categorised with such foul-play. I’m not even a parent, but I know that if my mother was ever in that predicament, giving up would most definitely not be an option. It’s nice to know that some parents would actually do their all for their children. I’ve known similar cases, yet instead of helping their child, they’ve sat in self-pity, wallowing in their own egotistical mannerisms.

Going back to 2007. Although inevitably the McCanns regret their actions, you had parents leaving three young children alone in a foreign country, to go and drink and dine with friends. They lost their daughter that day, she vanished. Yes there is inevitable pity for their beings, however if that’s not an example of neglect than I don’t know what is. They got off scot-free, when really their actions are the reason they are in their current predicament. If they hadn’t of left her, she would most definitely be growing up beside them. However it’s safe to say I’m sure the McCanns know that now and I guess they have learnt the hardest lesson for that. My heart does hope that someday their little girl is found safe and that their nightmare does finally end for them.

All parents make mistakes.

However, the Kings are an example of all parents out there. Any right minded parent would do absolutely anything for their child yet they get criminalised for caring.

The most important thing about this though is obviously little Ashya. Whilst his parents are locked up for the next 72 hours, he is lying there alone in an unfamiliar country, with unfamiliar people speaking an unfamiliar language, with not even his siblings or grandmother to receive comfort from. I find is despicable that such desperate and such morally driven actions are being tainted with such criminal misconceptions.

Surely a little boy that may not have long left on this earth should be with his parents? Shouldn’t his parents be able to spend as much time with their son as they can? and if anything stopping and leaving a 5 year-old little boy alone in a hospital without his parents, surely that’s neglect in it’s absolute finest?

I really don’t understand this World sometimes.


4 thoughts on “Caring is Neglect

  1. tweediatrics says:

    Really interesting blog.
    I think there are still a lot of unanswered questions with regards to this case.

    What were the circumstances of their departure from the hospital in Southampton?
    Did anybody know where they were going?
    What had happened to the family’s relationship with the nurses and doctors looking after Ashya?

    Until we know a bit more, I guess it’s difficult to judge anybody’s actions. Hospital and police have a duty to look after children’s interests. I do agree that the current approach to the parents is VERY heavy-handed; it doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s interests to have them imprisoned away from their son.

    • samanthajosephinejenkins says:

      I completely agree with you.

      I think the hospital acted in the only way they knew how to. He is extremely ill and as you said they do have a duty of care, it’s just the way in which the parents have been criminalised that is annoying me. Yeah I agree that they didn’t go about it the right way (taking him and basically fleeing) however I don’t think it’s right that he is alone and neither his parents, siblings or grandparents can go and see him.

      When someone is that ill, I mean the authorities are taking vital time away.

      I still think though that any parent would do anything they could to save their child though. It’s just extremely sad.

  2. tweediatrics says:

    I wonder if there’s any other way the police could have handled it; as far as I know, the European arrest warrant was the only way to ensure cooperation between countries to find them.

    With hindsight, the family’s plan is clear; they’d even bought chargers for feed-pumps etc.
    However, neither hospital nor police knew any of this when the search started. At that time, he was just a very sick, and very vulnerable, missing child.

    Now that they know a bit more, surely the parents should be bailed so they can be with Ashya. He is, after all, the boy that everyone in this story is trying to do their best for.

    • samanthajosephinejenkins says:

      Exactly. At first it seemed that because of their faith, people were speculating that they’d declined treatment. (which obviously isn’t the case)

      Apparently it’s going to take another 72 hours to come to a verdict. 72 hours that Ashya is definitely going to be parent-less.

      I just don’t think it’s right that they’re wasting time that they all desperately need.

      I just think the police have handled this very heavy handedly.

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