Job Stoppers: What’s the Issue?

I’m usually one to shy away from such posts, however in this case, I cannot help but get involved.

Tonight I read the story regarding trainee teacher Charlotte Tumilty from Hartlepool being sent home from her first day working at a Catholic Primary School because of her visible tattoos.


I think its absolutely ridiculous.

When I first decided to get a tattoo my mother, along with my grandmother were absolutely devastated. I had the usual ‘you’re never going to get a decent job with them’, ‘think about that thing on your arm on your wedding day and the ‘I think they’re disgusting’ comment. (Coming from rural South West Wales, the only tattoos people get here are the mere star and tribal tramp stamp.)

However, my argument is that just because I have a little etching in my arm does not make me incapable of ‘greatness’ as they say.

14989_10204854254779105_6801717010437526709_n 1560633_10203007965063016_238033459_n

Regarding Charlotte Tumilty, isn’t her capability of teaching more important than what she looks like?

Surely her capability of teaching and her teachers training out-weighs the fact that she has a tattoo? A tattoo that near enough everyone in the 21st century has?

Tattoos have always been seen as a ‘rebellious act’ however to certain people they are so much more than that. Tattoos are a part of someone’s identity and whether you like them or not, they do not make us incapable of social interaction, understanding knowledge and they do not make us brain-washed idiots.

Does the fact that I have tattoos make me incapable of going far within the Journalism industry? No it does not.

With that in mind, it’s those people that do have tattoos and do think they get pushed to one side because of them that make tattoos the issue.

I once got told that I was discriminating against a drunk man in work simply because of this tattoos and piercings, not the mere fact that he’d started dry humping a pillar whilst looking like he was Bambi on ice after one too many gins. These are the people that merely push those with body mods to one side and make us look ‘different‘.

However in the case of Charlotte Tumilty, if everything she claims is true, she is merely being pushed and ridiculed for something that has nothing to do with her doing her job wrong, just looking ‘wrong’.


“Would you want this woman to teach your children?”

Why not? Surely the most important thing is that she is qualified to teach the younger generations of our time? And if anything, maybe she’d be a good role model and teach the children of today that body image is not the be and end of everything in this world.

People baffle me.


(But I guess my point is invalid because I have this job stopper on my arm. Sigh.)


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