New Found Glory @ Y Plas, Cardiff – 23rd of November 2014

With a Sunday night off work and one of my favourite bands on the bill (The Story So Far) me and my trusty housemates embarked on a crisp cold winter walk to the Student Union. (We live a mere 10 minute walk away but merh!) We were met with a herd of ‘children’ wearing All Time Low t-shirts and necklaces bought from Claire’s Accessories, children that reminded me of a 2007 esque me, nevertheless I could not wait to see my man Parker Cannon.

I was intrigued to see the new Solus/Y Plas in all its glory. I’d been so used to see it’s dingy black interior, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Apparently it’s been extended, however the only thing I noticed that was bigger was the bar. (I’m unsure whether that’s because I was desperate for a Hooch or because it genuinely was. I beg to differ.)

We arrived slightly late (I was meant to be the time keeper, I failed miserably) therefore we missed Only Rivals. I hadn’t really listened to them beforehand but merh, I always hate missing the first band at gigs.

We got there in time just to catch the whole of Candy Hearts. I don’t know why but their name just goes straight through me. It’s like those people that talk about ‘LOVE AND FRIENDS AND THIS WORLD BEING A PLACE FULL OF LOVE AND FRIENDS’ just shut up. It’s ‘sweet’ but in a sour way. Whatever I don’t like their name, it makes me want to vomit. Despite that, I was intrigued to hear what they were about. The whole set was slightly awkward. I didn’t hate them at all, but I couldn’t help but think the whole room were failing at giving them a chance especially when someone from the crowd shouted ‘F**k You’, to which the lead vocalist shouted back ‘was that a f**k yeah?!‘ and they replied ‘NO f**k you’. I felt bad for them, the crowd didn’t react to their pleas of seal clapping hands or anything they were bringing to the table. The only movements came from the little sea of scene kids in the front row, if that. I felt awkward watching them, something I haven’t felt at a gig for a very long time. It’s not that I disliked what they were playing, I just hated the atmosphere.

With State Champs on next, things could only get better. As soon as they took to the stage it was if someone flipped a switch. The crowd went nuts (I think my housemate was the happiest girl in the room however. I couldn’t help but feel slightly responsible seen as I bought her a ticket for Christmas. Best friend alert right there.) They were tighter and better than ever. The last time I caught a glimpse of them was at The Wonder Years tour a few months back. Playing their tracks such as ‘Deadly Conversation’ and ‘Elevated’, I wondered why I hadn’t been as excited to see them beforehand. They were polished, they lifted the awkward tension in the room and they made me excited for what was to come.


As soon as The Story So Far began their set to ‘Empty Space’, people were being flown around, kicked, pushed and just merely thrown to the ground. (It sounds like some sort of riot. It kind of was. One of my housemates got kicked straight in the mouth.) Whenever I’ve seen TSSF before, the crowd has been nuts and tonight was no different. There’s something about Parker Cannon that makes people want to go crazy, I however just started dancing like I was competing for Strictly. (I wish I was lying) ‘Empty Space’ was followed by ‘Things I Can’t Change’, ‘Quicksand’ and ‘All Wrong’. The Story So Far were undoubtedly my highlight of the night, simply because I’d waited so long to see them again. (I’d initially bought A Day To Remember tickets for the Motorpoint back in February just because they were on the bill, just to be disappointed with Jeremy McKinnon’s throat infection. They were also axed for the rescheduled show. DEVO’D.) Anyway, bitterness aside, I was so happy to see them. I danced my way through the likes of ‘Daughters‘, ‘High Regard’ and ‘Roam’. Parker’s cheeky little baseball cap worked for me too. They dazzled like the Californian pop punk princes they are.

When I heard that New Found Glory were to play Solus, I was instantly surprised. I’d only ever seen them on big stages such as the Reading Main Stage, I thought they were much bigger than a 1000 capacity such as Solus, however I was pretty excited to see them on a smaller stage. Opening up with ‘Understatement’ I was rewinded back to the teenage years where they dominated my iPod playlists. Their set was a decent mixture of new and old tracks such as ‘Selfless’ and ‘Ready & Willing‘ from their new album Resurrection to the likes of ‘Hit & Miss’ and ‘Dressed to Kill’.  I don’t know why but I haven’t been able to get my mind around their new album. I’m unsure whether it’s because it’s so different to their usual stuff or it’s because I’ve turned into such a prude when it comes to listening to new stuff. Minus my lack of enthusiasm for their new album, New Found Glory did not disappoint. (I’m sure I’ll get used to Resurrection soon enough) You could see the older crowd of fans singing their hearts out, it was obvious that they’d trecked just to see them. Pitch perfect, dance moves on the go, I was reminded why they still stood highly on my list of favourite live bands even if I spent my night surrounded by mostly underage teens asking people to buy them pints of Strongbow.

And I’m as good as dead, This is all I have to say.




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