Hello: I’m back from my hiatus.

SO, I guess I’ll start off by apologising for my slight delay in posting. When I decided to blog my life away on social networking, I never really thought life would get in the way of that. I found myself stuck in a massive hole, unhappy, uninspired and just damn right sad.

At the start of this year I found myself in a real bad place. I was living in a city that had become more of a chore than a home, I’d grown further from some people and closer to others, my family set-up was more dysfunctional than ever and for once I called a truce in trying to be happy in a place that had fallen to pieces.

I moved back to the picturesque village of Gorslas in South West Wales and I’ve not looked back. Being able to re-build a family that was at the time, crumbling at the seams, being able to see my niece and nephew grow into such inspiring little gems but most of all being able to surround myself with the people that make me the happiest.

I can now focus on me and what it is I want to do with this life of mine.

I am me again and I am back with a vengeance.

However, that does not mean me and Cardiff are completely over, not yet, not ever. I’ll see you soon great city.





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