An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,

 RE: Planned airstrikes in Syria by British RAF officials

I’ve always had faith in the UK government (even after I sadly supported Lib Dem in the 2010 general election because they proposed that university fees would be demolished so it would be possible for people of the working class, people like me, to attend university without the financial struggles of student loans and grants. Only for them to practically punch me and others alike in the face and go against their manifesto), that aside, I’ve always taken such proposals with a pinch of salt and I’ve always had faith that the decisions in which you, as our Prime Minister, make are the ones that are in the best interest for us as a united British population.

Tonight however has ruined and crushed any faith I had in this country. I’ve never experienced utter disgust, upset and guilt at your decision and the decisions of the other 396 MPs that have voted for bombing Syria. (I actually sat on my couch and cried at the thought of it.) I feel guilt that you, your decision, the decisions of you folk that sit in the House of Commons and ‘represent us’, has potentially ruined all that’s well and good in this country. We as the British public will be branded by the decision you’ve made in Parliament tonight and that’s what makes me feel guilty.

I feel guilty for the innocent civilians that are inevitably going to be killed because of your decision, I feel guilty for the many troops and military folk that are in danger of their lives because of you but most of all I feel guilty for the terrorism that you and your decision will have on a country that have already seen violence, violence that is the worst of it’s kind. If anything, I also feel guilty for the potential harm you have brought to the lives of the younger generations of my family or the generations to come. This isn’t going to end here. You’ve potentially diminished the slight possibility of my future children, nieces & nephews and their children, from ever living without the guilt that you’ve brought upon the UK today and any dream of them living in a safe and peaceful world. We as a country will be branded with the same tools of those that have brought violence, inhumane actions and utter pain to the streets of Paris, Mali and Baghdad. We are in fact as bad as the people that have hijacked Islam and brought utter terror and chaos to the world.

You probably think that’s a bold statement to make, but it is true. How can you justify fighting violence with violence? The past few weeks you’ve banged on about the innocent people of Paris (I sympathise fully. I do not condone such terror. I am not a terrorist sympathizer like you claim) but you are forgetting the poor people in the middle of this war, the people that will not sleep soundly tonight whilst you cwtch into your bed with your Egyptian cotton sheets and cuddle up to your wife in your ivory tower. Those people are going to be affected by the decision to bomb their country and potentially endanger their lives. Innocent Syrian civilians are forever going to be taunted by the decision in which you and your trusty government have made tonight. You will not worry about that when you’re off holidaying in the Maldives next year, will you? I can’t help but think that you’re happy as long as you’re behind the Number 10 door without a thought for those that have next to nothing and without a thought for those that haven’t slept safely for the past year. Their nightmare is not over yet.

I’d like you to think about the military families and troops that are going to be in danger because of your action, families just like my own. If my brother was sent to war, would you care if he got blown up? Would that be justified? Would the potential danger in which my Uncle could be brought upon be okay? Would it be okay if I had to live without the two important men in my life? Will you take responsibility then, when their blood is on your hands too? I don’t think so. I understand that they’ve chosen such career path, what I do not understand is the unnecessary action in which you’ve proposed and the naivety of your decision. You’re extremely naïve to think that no innocent bystanders are going to be slaughtered, that no British troops are going to be injured or worst killed and that you’ve potentially taken Britain into the biggest war that the world has ever seen.

I completely agree with the fact that we need to fight Daesh. The Paris and Mali attacks really hit home for me and other European citizens alike but I don’t see how targeting a certain area is going to stop these monsters. They are potentially anywhere. They could even quite possibly be here, in South West Wales. You cannot put a tracker on these people. The potential harm they could bring to the innocent people of Britain and the rest of the world is immense, but the harm you’re proposing on a developing country that have nowhere to hide, a country that has already been dragged through the sewer enough by the worst people of our kind, that’s where the real threat lies. You’re fuelling more hate towards the Western world, you are giving them the very justification they need to kill our people. You are no better than them right now.

You’re potentially gathering their troops for them. Not only will you have Daesh after us, you could potentially have the whole of Syria. We are going to be killing their innocent people, just like Daesh are. You’re basically their equivalent by doing so. We could potentially replace Assad. You’re narrow minded to think that couldn’t be a slight possibility.

I’d like you to imagine a world where your family ran for cover, ran for hope and ran for their lives. A life that was full of fear and hunger. Would you like your children to live in a world where their lives could potentially be taken away from them by the actions of monstrosity? I doubt you would.

I don’t see how you and your government (one of the world’s most powerful governing body) can sit there and think you have the right to decide whether innocent Syrian civilians have the right to die or not. What gives you the right to decide whether their lives are more important than those of the West? Daesh don’t have the right and neither do you.

We should be fighting Daesh as a united front, protecting those that need it, Syria need it. Syrians need our help, not our bomb strikes.

Britain voted you as our Prime Minister for a reason. We thought you’d bring this country out of the recession and take our country forward, yet all your currently doing is tarnishing our reputation with the blood of innocent wives, husbands, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, innocent people. People that have hopes, fears, loves and hates, people that live just like you and me. You are tarnishing Britain. You are tarnishing our people just like Daesh are tarnishing the peaceful and beautiful people of Islam. You and your government are the hijackers, just like the people that you claim to be fighting against.

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know what the best strategy to take is. I don’t know how to fight Daesh no more than you do. What I do know? Killing more innocent people will only benefit the egos of Daesh and chuck fuel on the fire, a fire that we currently do not have enough planning or strategies to blow out. We are just as prepared as the UK usually is when the inch of snow hits the high ground at winter. We are ‘bulk buying’ the bread at Tesco, trying to ‘wipe out’ the shelves of the ‘necessities’ with no drive, no plan and no general need to. We are planning to wipe out the Syrians just like Daesh are trying to wipe out the world.

In reality?

You’re not only fighting against the innocent people of Syria and the monstrosity of Daesh. You are fighting against the very people that have put you in a position to make such decisions. You are fighting against the British people that are definitely not proud to be a part of your country right now, the people that have put faith in you to make this country safe.

The blood is on your hands now.

I do hope that this works out.

Kind Regards,





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