It’s nearing the end of another year, another bunch of memories and another load of lessons learned.

I’ve never been the naive one thinking that my life was going to change drastically within a short matter of weeks or that I was going to become this ‘sparkly’ new person as soon as 2015 hit, but this year pretty much went like that.

I began the first week of 2015 thinking I had the closest knit of friends and that those friendships would last an entire lifetime. They didn’t and I’m so rightly glad of that.

Weeks into 2015, I admitted defeat, quit my job and moved home, back to the teenage bedroom I’d shared many years ago, back to the family life I’d missed out on but most of all I went back to myself again.

It had come to a point where I didn’t recognise the person I was becoming and to be completely honest, I really didn’t like the bitter, angry and just plain sad human being I was.

I guess there’s only so much pretending you can do before you finally hit rock bottom and realise that something really isn’t for you.

The next few months saw me adjust to life in the middle of nowhere again. I had to adjust to a new workplace with a completely different bunch of people but most of all I had to adjust to life without the majority of my friends being down the road from me. (They’ve always been at the other end of the phone though.)


I guess this year started really badly, my sister had just decided that she wanted to be a part of the family again, I felt like I’d just upped and left my independence behind and I just felt as if I was the laughing stock of the people that put me in that predicament.


This year I’ve learnt what it is to forgive someone in the biggest way. I’ve always held grudges, forgiving has never been the easiest thing for me but this year completely changed that.


I learnt that nothing is going to be done without the effort and I well and truly learnt whom the most important and loyal people to me are.


I started to learn to drive, I actually finally got into third year and I had the best Christmas to top it all off.


I’ve had a weird but amazing year and I cannot wait to see what 2016 has to offer.

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

624924164470304101215 xox


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