Goodbye Newsdays!

SO for the last three weeks of my life I’ve been basically in a full-time relationship with a Tascam, Adobe and University news-days. My patience has been tested, every little technical issue you can think of has been claimed and I’ve probably consumed more coffee than the average human should.

However, I am standing, I am living and if anything, despite the incredibly long days, I’ve had a good time.

When I decided on studying Journalism at the tender age of 18, I never really thought about a field that I’d want to personally go into. I don’t even know where my interest even came from.


I think it’s more that I loved to write; I loved to listen and watch live music and well, I wanted a career that could allow me to do both. If I could review bands for the rest of my life and manage to get by I would happily do that. (Hint hint. Someone give me a job please, ta.)

I never really knew the mechanics of the media world though, that’s why I think I’m incredibly lucky to be able to broaden my horizons and skills during weeks and weeks of news-days, no matter how tiring and mentally draining they are.


They give you an insight into the working media world, they test you for all the good reasons and they make you gain confidence.

(I am incredibly lucky to be mentored by people from the likes of the BBC & ITV)


I always bang on about how unconfident I am with things. People may disagree but put me in a room full of strangers or give me a phone with a number to dial and I’m weak at the knees (and not the good weak either!)

Confidence is key when working in Journalism. How can you be the person telling the stories when you can’t interact with people to even get them?

That’s my one major flaw that I am undoubtedly trying to work on.

I may be loud, I may be the class clown but that’s just the way of coping with my major lack of being able to talk to people without thinking they’re judging me and sending me to death row.

These Newsdays actually made me think that I might even know what I’m talking about when it comes to finding stories, looking at angles and finding appropriate interviewees. I may have actually somehow… hit the nail on the head.


I’m not going to lie and say that the news in which we cover on newsdays interests me; I’m the girl that just wants to write about music all the bloody time but it definitely puts you in the right place when trying to find what you actually want to do.

You find out what you do like and what you really do not like doing.

You learn that gaining and maintaining contacts are incredibly crucial when working in Journalism; whether it’s Mr Smith from the local butchery or the First Minister himself.

But most of all you realise that with coffee, you can rule the world (or at least the newsroom!)













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