Kate Nash reveals she was sexually assaulted in her own home

By Sammy Jenkins

Published by GIGSoup

Kate Nash has claimed that a stranger sexually assaulted her in her Los Angeles home this week.

Posting an emotional message to her Instragram page on Friday, the British singer-songwriter described how she’d been ‘cornered’ in her bathroom and forcibly ‘groped’ by a man two days before.

In an effort to encourage other women of sexual assault to speak out, the 28 year-old went on to express her feelings on how women are encouraged to keep quiet, urging others to “not take up space & hide when they get violated.”

“We are scared to come forward because we don’t want to cause trouble or a scene. We don’t want to talk about heavy shit & make ppl feel uncomfortable. Women & girls are also mostly told they were asking for it & accused of making it up. So sometimes we think twice about coming forward, or we don’t at all. I’m tired of feeling that way”

‘Talking about these issues can a) help to prevent them in the future & b) make us feel stronger, more supported & safer,” Nash added.

Speaking to her 56,000 Instagram followers, the ‘Foundations’ hit-maker accompanied the post with a “ridiculous” picture of her in rose-tinted shades whilst dangling a cigarette from her mouth. The musician explained “I’m also teaming this statement with a photo of me looking like a total & ridiculous G shot by @abaxley because I don’t like the usual imagery associated with assault, we don’t have to look like a victim to be one, I actually happen to be a badass bitch from hell, this shit can happen to anyone.”

“Speak up and don’t be discouraged.”

Quick to praise her bravery, Kate’s fans shared their love and admiration for the singer, with one commenting “You’re so inspiring Kate, it’s so important that you’re stepping forward and sharing this” whilst another said, “Sending lots of love & support your way. Truly inspirational, beautiful lady.”

Kate later thanked her fans for their support, tweeting: “Thanks for sharing all your stories with me. I love you xxx.”


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