Project 84

When you think about the biggest killer in men under the age of 45 in the UK, you imagine heart disease, a car accident possibly and quite sadly cancer. The last thing that will come to mind is that the biggest killer in young men, is young men themselves. 12 men will kill themselves today … Continue reading Project 84


Two zero one seven

After the last few years, it's weird for me to write about a year where nothing really bad happened. The last few years have seen me re-sitting uni year after uni year, it's seen my once dysfunctional family set-up crumble to a big fat nothing, it's seen a house repossession, my own near death experience, … Continue reading Two zero one seven

An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,  RE: Planned airstrikes in Syria by British RAF officials I’ve always had faith in the UK government (even after I sadly supported Lib Dem in the 2010 general election because they proposed that university fees would be demolished so it would be possible for people of the working class, people … Continue reading An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron