Two zero one seven

After the last few years, it's weird for me to write about a year where nothing really bad happened. The last few years have seen me re-sitting uni year after uni year, it's seen my once dysfunctional family set-up crumble to a big fat nothing, it's seen a house repossession, my own near death experience, … Continue reading Two zero one seven


1 in 4.

So here I am laying it all out on the table. It's not unknown that I've suffered under the hands of mental illness in the past - I lost the very man that made me because of it, however, over the last few months I've found myself not 'okay' in my thoughts. Living with anxiety … Continue reading 1 in 4.

An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister David Cameron,  RE: Planned airstrikes in Syria by British RAF officials I’ve always had faith in the UK government (even after I sadly supported Lib Dem in the 2010 general election because they proposed that university fees would be demolished so it would be possible for people of the working class, people … Continue reading An open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron